Better results through Playful Learning

Playful Learning provides research-based pedagogical training, methods and tools. We take learning outdoors. As proven, mind-on, hands-on and body-on activities bring 25 % better learning results – our approach teaches how to do this.

Our mission is to bring the advantages of playful learning to every child and adult around the world, despite of cultural background and local curriculums. Playful Learning is adaptable at all school and age levels.

Users of Playful Learning are teachers, teacher trainers, principals, policy makers and persons who are interested in the power of play and games in learning. 

Strong research in the background

Playful Learning R&D journey began at the University of Lapland in 2003. The goal was to study and create innovative learning environments influenced on 21st century learning practices. Our approach is to promote students’ physical, play-based and media literacy activities using outdoor playgrounds and nature as learning environments. 

Our research findings have been presented around the world in the scientific conferences. We have influenced the world-famous Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education emphasizing nowadays more play, games, multiliteracies and ICT.

Since the launch in 2019, Playful Learning closely cooperates with school districts in New York and California. Our approach supports learning in motivative and physically active ways, while promoting wellbeing, competencies and academic achievements. We offer educators research-based methods and tools to implement playful learning pedagogy creatively in their own work.