HELI RUOKAMO (Ph.D.) has been working almost 20 years as a professor of education (specialty media education) at the University of Lapland. She is a founding member of the Centre for Media Pedagogy (CMP), and has been acting as a director of the Media Education Hub (former CMP) for 18 years. 

Ruokamo holds the titles of adjunct professor of Media Education and Network-based Learning Environments. She has been working for 3 years as a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University. Ruokamo is a head of the Sino-Finnish JoLii Teacher Training Center in Finland. 

MARJAANA KANGAS (Ph.D.) is a pioneer in research on playful learning and she holds the title of adjunct professor of playful and game-based learning. Kangas has over 16 years (10 years at the University of Lapland and 5 years at the University of Helsinki) of experience in research of innovative playful learning environments and the development of playful learning pedagogy. 

Marjaana’s doctoral dissertation: The school of the future: Theoretical and pedagogical approaches to creative and playful learning environments was published in 2010. Her dissertation received the Lea Pulkkinen Award in 2012.