Playful Learning Products

We organize Playful learning workshops, both in Lapland and abroad. The workshops vary from three hours to two days.

Workshop examples:

An exotic three-hour Adventure Workshop in Lapland

Playful Learning Adventure Workshop engages educators in creative and playful activities and pedagogies by participating in mind-on, hands-on and body-on activities. Participants get to know what is playful learning and how the playful learning pedagogy supports learning, academic achievement and key competencies. In the workshop participants get new ideas, methods and tools to take home to develop 21st century education.

You can also participate both the LIFE Conference and our three-hour workshop in the magical Lapland environment. See:

The two-day Playful Learning Adventure Camp

Playful Learning Adventure Camp is held in the exotic Finnish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. The camp provides research-based knowledge on playful learning pedagogy and a toolkit for using play, games and digital technologies in teaching and learning for all ages. During the camp, participants engage themselves in the playful learning and learn by using their whole body. The surrounding Lappish nature plays a central role in the learning process offering a real adventure.